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Chocolate that Gives you Energy

Chocolate that Gives you Energy

1 minute read

Our friend, Jen Smiley (top right photo), an Expert Food Coach and owner of Wake Up and Read the Labels!, where she teaches you how to eat clean and feel your best, talks about why our DÄT chocolate is better for you.

I connected with her a while back and I'm amazed to see her growth in helping so many people eat clean and feel better.

Jen is not afraid to call out brands for their deceiving marketing tactics and pushes for more transparency. It's the same thing we are trying to accomplish with NUTSÓLA.

Our Episode specifically talks about why DÄT Chocolate differs from other sweets on the shelf, our commitment to clean ingredients, transparency, and innovation, and why DÄT Chocolate gives you more energy than other chocolate bars. If you’d like to listen, click here!

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