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7 Healthy Ways to Incorporate NUTSÓLA Superfood Mixes into your Diet

7 Healthy Ways to Incorporate NUTSÓLA Superfood Mixes into your Diet

3 minute read

Have you ever been eating a snack for so long without realizing the ingredients? Also, have you looked into the sugar component? For the longest time brands were able to put the amount of sugar in the nutrition label all alike until recently the FDA made brands incorporate an "Added Sugar" row.

The food industry as a whole has been deceiving consumers for too long and we want to make a positive impact. We'll only use dates or fruit to sweeten. The importance is the fiber in fruit which will not spike your blood sugar like cane, coconut, syrups, or other added sugars. 

Here's 7 ways you can incorporate NUTSÓLA Superfood Mixes into your daily routine! 

1. Replace Granola with NUTSÓLA!

Granola which always seemed as a healthy product is actually mostly fillers such as grains and loaded with added sugars. Not healthy. NUTSÓLA has no fillers with all nutritionally dense ingredients with no added sugar. Use as a topping on oatmeal, yogurt, smoothie bowls, ice cream, toast, and more! 

2. Add in Shakes

Because NUTSÓLA is not baked, no grains, and just nuts, fruit, seeds, and spices it compliments any shake. So many flavors to choose from. There's 8 NUTSÓLA flavors from almond, peanut, pumpkin spice, and more. 

3. Snack Out of the Bag

Simple pre/post workout snacking or during work is a great way to get energy without the crash. Perfect for work working remote or when/if you get back in the office. 

4. Make Energy Balls 

Just add your favorite nut butter, mix, mold and pop in the fridge or freezer. Simple easy snack!

5. Use in Healthy Baking Recipes 

NUTSÓLA is perfect addition to any baking recipes if you're trying to incorporate healthier ingredients that also taste delicious! The dates act like play-doh that you can mold into any way as pie crust, toppings, cakes, and more! 

6. Eat for Dessert

Do you have the late night sweet tooth? Well instead of eating that chocolatey cake with loads of added sugar try replacing with Cacao Almond Mix

7. Make your own NUTSÓLA Energy Bars 

This is actually how we launched the business. It's a really fun and easy way to make your own energy bars at home. A better version of Larabars and fresh like making home-made cookies. Just microwave for 2 minutes and when hot mold into bars! 

Next time you want a delicious healthy snack try NUTSÓLA! It's a new product to market which is meant to promote clean eating without added sugars. Also, we never sacrifice taste as NUTSÓLA is more delicious than what you've remembered as granola. 

Thank you for checking us out! Please feel free to reach us at or IG @nutsolaofficial. Slide into our DM's! 

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