Our Story

Years ago, we came to the rude awakening that we weren’t leading the healthiest lifestyle. That realization changed our lives forever...

Through the internet, books, and nutritionists, we educated ourselves on eating clean, and it became clear to us that there’s an overabundance of refined sugar in many of the foods we eat every day.

As our knowledge of clean eating grew, we decided to carry healthy snacks to avoid grabbing our usual, unhealthy favorites. Our healthy snack of choice was a bag of dried fruit. However, one of our relatives mentioned that too much fruit can be the same as too much sugar: not good. Taking her advice, we tried adding a handful of almonds to the bag.

The combination was delicious! We shared it with our family and they loved it as well. We didn’t know it at the time, but our little experiment would end up being the start of NUTSÓLA. Our family and friends urged us to go into business, but it wasn’t until 2017 when, as a father and son team, we made our dream a reality.

Over the years, we have embraced eating clean and steering clear of added sugar. We’ve seen great improvements in our health and love sharing this lifestyle with others. Our bars have been with us since the beginning of this journey, and we’re excited for you to join us.

We hope you enjoy NUTSÓLA.