A Father and Son Company

Years ago, my dad Michael Kukoff, Co-founder of NUTSÓLA, came up with an incredible creation that changed our lives forever.

That’s when NUTSÓLA was born...

Growing up, my parents always tried to instill healthy eating habits into our daily lives, but it wasn’t always easy. Constantly on the go or playing competitive sports each season, I opted for a bag of dried fruit instead of unhealthy snacks.

However, it wasn’t until my aunt Joyce told us that eating too much dried fruit can be the same as eating too much sugar: not good!

So we decided to look deeper into the foods we were eating and realized that there’s an overabundance of refined sugars and sweeteners in many of the foods we eat every day!

So my dad added almonds to the bag, minimizing the sugar intake from dried fruit, which created a snack with the best nutrition: healthy fats, carbohydrates, and protein

The combination was delicious!

This became our go-to snack, until one day we chopped up some almonds and dried fruit, added some spices and made them into balls.

We shared it with family and friends and they loved it as well, urging us to go into business.

So in 2017, we made our dream into a reality.

Our Kickstarter Campaign

In January 2019, we launched our Kickstarter campaign setting out to be a unique energy bar company.

We received amazing support from family and friends.

It reassured us that we were on the right path, giving us the confidence in moving forward with the business.

Grandpa Milton “Max” Kukoff:Our Inspiration

Grandpa Milton has always been our greatest inspiration. He loved to bake cookies, mandel bread, and apple cake. Sometimes it seemed like the house was turned into a small bakery!

Before leaving the house daily, he would give some baked goods to the people that worked in the community. He said many of them don’t have easy lives and maybe this would be a way to sweeten their day.

The lessons we learned from him and how he cared for others inspired us to partner with Feed the Hungry and pledged to donate a bar for every purchase.

Because of Grandpa Milton, we learned the importance of giving back and hope NUTSÓLA can be a way of sweetening your day too.

Follow our Journey

After launching NUTSÓLA to the market in April 2019, our amazing supporters showed us so many ways it can be used! From energy balls to toppings, it transformed into a versatile product!

We firmly believe in the grassroots approach of business and take pride in participating in local farmers markets and grocery store demos connecting with people, because it’s all about community.

We hope NUTSÓLA can be a part of your daily lives and appreciate the opportunity to make a positive difference in the food we eat.

Adam Kukoff, Co-founder & CEO