How do you ship chocolate in the summer months?

We ship with insulated packaging and gel packs to prevent any melting to keep the chocolate bars in perfect condition.

How should you store the chocolate bars?

After conducting internal investigations, we have found that exposure to elevated temperatures may lead to blooming due to the clean ingredient label and no preservatives. We recommend storing in the fridge or below 65 degrees F. Even if blooming does occur, rest assured they will still be delicious and are safe for consumption!

What is causing the discoloration in your chocolate bars?

If your chocolate bars appear lighter in color, it may be due to cocoa bloom, a common occurrence in chocolate candies containing nuts and made without preservatives. Fluctuations in temperature, such as transitioning from warm to cool environments, can impact the formulation, causing the chocolate to appear whitish or even giving dark chocolate a milk chocolate-like appearance. Rest assured, the product is delicious and safe to eat!

Why is the filling in my nut butter cup dry and powdery?

Because our nut butter filled bars have no preservatives, additives or hydrogenated oils, making them more susceptible to drying over time. To maintain the quality, we advise storing our chocolate bars in refrigeration which is our first choice or below 65° F and kept away from heat or direct sunlight.

What sweetener do you use?

We only sweet our products with dates or fruit!

What is the difference between Dates and Coconut Sugar?

The truth is Coconut Sugar is really no different from Cane Sugar. Coconut Sugar actually doesn't even come from a coconut! It comes from the sap of the palm tree. Coconut Sugar is purely a marketing ploy to sound healthier on the packaging. Dates has incredible gut gut-health benefits such as fiber to slow down sugar absorption and improve digestion. Dates have more potassium than bananas and more antioxidants than blueberries. You will feel more energized throughout the day eating dates with no crashes!

Why is it important to have no added sugar?

Added sugars will spike your blood sugar causing sugar highs and uneven energy levels throughout the day. Ever notice when you eat fruit you don't crash? That's why we only sweeten with whole fruit because it has the fiber to slow down the sugar absorption and allow you to have more sustainable energy.

Chocolate normally makes me sluggish and tired? Why is DÄT Chocolate different?

Our ingredient list is 6 or less and is USDA organic. Usually brands put a ton of added sugars, emulsifiers, and other weird ingredients which causes this feeling. It's our promise you will feel amazing and energized with DÄT Chocolate.

When is the best time to consume DÄT Chocolate?

Any time of the day! There's 8 squares per bar and can consume for breakfast, throughout the day, and obviously for dessert! Answer

Is it keto-friendly?

Yes, all of our chocolate bars are Keto-Friendly. Its a perfect treat for those who want to remain keto but not sacrifice taste with all the bars with sugar alcohols, stevia, and monk fruit. DÄT Chocolate are absolutely delicious with no bad aftertaste.

Is your product Vegan?

Yes all NUTSÓLA products are plant based!

Where is it made?

Our company is based in Livingston, New Jersey and our chocolate is made in Pennsylvania.

Are you organic?

Yes our chocolate is USDA organic certified!

Are you certified Gluten-Free?

We are currently working on getting certified gluten free but we can absolutely assure you that all of our ingredients are gluten free.

Do you give free shipping?

Yes all orders over $75 is free shipping so basically 2 cases or more. Answer