Cherry Max Banana Split

Cherry Max Banana Split

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When it comes to making an easy no-bake dessert, a banana split is one of the easiest! @marzipan.eats recipe is so simple. All you need is your favorite ice cream, a banana, your favorite banana split toppings, and of course some NUTSÓLA!


Your favorite ice cream flavor!

1 Banana 

Almond Butter

Chocolate Drizzle

Cherry Max NUTSÓLA


  1. Remove desired ice cream from the freezer and let it sit out for a few minutes to get it creamy
  2. Slice banana in half to create two long slices and place in a bowl
  3. Scoop the softened ice cream onto the bananas
  4. Add almond butter, chocolate drizzle, and NUTSÓLA on top of the ice cream
  5. Enjoy!

Cherry Max

Cherry Max


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