Is coconut sugar actually better for you?

Is coconut sugar actually better for you?

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Is coconut sugar actually better for you? Here are some coconut sugar myths and why we made the conscious choice to use dates as the primary sweetener in all of our products instead of coconut sugar…

Myth # 1:Coconut sugar is healthier than cane sugar

Coconut sugar is almost identical to cane sugar in terms of calories and lack of nutrients, such as fiber. While dates offer a host of nutritional benefits, including iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and protein, coconut sugar lacks these essential nutrients. Dates will maintain your energy levels throughout the day due to its high fiber, making it the ultimate powerhouse sweetener.

Myth # 2: Coconut sugar comes from a coconut

Coconut sugar is actually made from tree sap and is an added sugar. It is not the same as the coconut itself. Unlike coconut sugar, dates are not an added sugar and are kept in their natural, unprocessed state. We want our ingredients to be in its most pure form, so you can enjoy life’s simple ingredients, and maintain its nutritional value, benefiting you!

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