Our most frequently asked question answered...

Our most frequently asked question answered...

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Our most frequently asked question answered...

Since the start of NUTSÒLA, there has been one question that's been frequently asked by many, and we want to talk about it! Why do we sweeten all of our products with dates instead of other types of sugar?

Unlike added sugars, dates have so many health benefits keeping you feeling your best. Lets dig deeper:

Gut health

Dates are a key ingredient for a healthy gut, improving your overall digestion, so you can be your most active self.

Sustainable Energy

Not only does it keep you energized, it's an excellent source of fiber, slowing down your sugar absorption while getting you going throughout the day.

No Sugar Crashes

Dates have lower glycemic index than honey or maple syrup sustaining your sugar levels which mean less sugar highs and lows.

It’s really the superfood of all sweeteners. Why not take advantage of an incredible fruit that’s going to help you feel your best and improve your health?! Check out our delicious snacks sweetened with dates here!

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