The Inspiration Behind Our Cherry Max Flavor

The Inspiration Behind Our Cherry Max Flavor

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What was the inspiration behind our Cherry Max Flavor? My grandpa Milton. He's always been our greatest inspiration and loved cherries and chocolate. He loved to bake cookies, mandel bread, and apple cake. Sometimes it seemed like the house was turned into a small bakery!

Before leaving the house daily, he would give some baked goods to the people that worked in the community. He said many of them don’t have easy lives and maybe this would be a way to sweeten their day.

His favorite dessert of all time was Cherry Garcia ice cream which consisted of cherry ice cream with chocolate chunks - so we decided to take our own spin on it and make a healthier flavor. Our Cherry Max has the tart cherry taste with rich indulging cacao, but without the guilt! We were able to create something my grandpa loved and named it after him - Cherry Max.

If you haven’t tried our Cherry Max flavor, you’re missing out! We have this flavor available in 2 products - our Superfood Mix and Superfood Bites. Check them out! They are delicious.

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