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Combo Pack Cashews

1 case (4 bags)

Get 2 Vanilla Caramel and 2 Coconut Cream date glazed cashews in a combo back. Enjoy the best of both flavors! These crunchy and delicious cashews are rich and bursting with flavor. Only sweetened from dates, these cashews will be the perfect snack for anytime of the day. Less than 5 ingredients, 4g protein per serving, and no added sugar! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wait so is NUTSÓLA, granola?

It is different but can be used the same way! Our idea was to create a delicious clean ingredient product with no added sugar that can be your perfect breakfast topping but also has versatility. Can add to shakes, make energy balls/bars by just adding water, and use in healthy baking recipes! 

What is NUTSÓLA made of?

Just fruit, nuts, seeds, and spices. And only sweetened with dates and cherries depending on the flavor. Transparency of ingredients is super important to us.

Why are dates healthy?

Dates are a fruit that keeps you satisfied with none of the guilt. Rich in iron and magnesium, this low glycemic fruit helps keep your blood sugar low and digestive system happy. It has more fiber than bananas and allows stable energy throughout the day unlike added sugars.

Is NUTSÓLA baked?

The mixes aren’t baked but the bites are.


Technically not Keto based off net carbs however for someone that went Keto and wants to eat better NUTSÓLA is a perfect addition to their diet. We have 0g of added sugars and only have clean ingredient labels.

Do kids eat/like NUTSÓLA?

Absolutely! The first year all we did was sample at Farmers Markets and learned kids love the product. Sweetened with dates which makes a healthy and delicious product for them.

Do you sell 1 item individually?

Currently we only can support 4 packs of the product. It makes it a lot easier with shipping.

Are the bites the same ingredients as the mixes?

Yes! Same great flavor but in convenient bite form.