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Do you have to dehydrate the mixes?

NUTSÓLA can be eaten right out of the bag! Can be used as a topping for yogurt, cereals, salads, smoothies, nut butter sandwiches, etc.

Do you need to purchase the oven mat or dehydrator?

No you can purchase a subscription or single time purchase without buying either.

Can you customize your bars for soft or crunchy?

Yes! Make bars your way. Standard dehydrating is for 4 hours. However, if you want softer bars dehydrate for less and dehydrate longer for more crunchy.

Do you have instructional videos?

Yes! If you go to our How To page we have videos for how to make bars with the oven mat and NUTSÓLA Bar Maker.

Seems like there’s not enough water in the mix? How can it stay together?

Trust us it’s enough! Mix thoroughly and you will see all the product stick together so you mold and form into bars!

Can you dehydrate other foods in the dehydrator?


Can you use the oven mat to cook other foods?


Do you need to refrigerate the bars?

No. The dehydration process helps to naturally preserve the NUTSÓLA bars. Your bars can stay at room temperature.

Will refrigerating make bars stay fresher?

Yes it will make the bars stay fresher longer.

Do the bars have an expiration date?

Best if consumed by expiration date on the bag.

Can you add other food to it while preparing to make the bars?

The recipe of our mix is designed to bind perfectly with 1/8 cup of water (2tbsp) per pound of mix. Depending upon what you add will affect the binding process in making the bars.

Can you reuse the bags?

Yes you can place the already made bars in the bag. It has a resealable zipper.

For subscription, can you cancel at any time?

Yes of course!

How do I get free shipping?

Any purchase over $30 you get free shipping in the continental US.

Do we ship outside US?

No as of now we are only shipping in US.

Do we sell in stores?

Hoping to in the future! Only available online and at the farmers markets currently.

How can we reach you?

Reach us at our Instagram @nutsolaofficial or via email DIY@nutsola.com

After dehydrating the bars how many days should they be consumed within?

Best if consumed within 90 days.

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Best if consumed within 90 days.




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