Date Glazed Nuts

Vanilla Caramel Cashews

These  crunchy and delicious cashews are rich and bursting with flavor. Vanilla caramel coated with sweetness from dates will make the perfect snack for anytime of the day. Only 5 ingredients, 4g protein per serving, and no added sugar!
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What makes our Date Glazed Nuts different?

Our Date Glazed Nuts is a unique and healthy twist on traditional nut snacks! These insanely delicious and crunchy snacks are caramelized from the natural sweetness of dates. They contain no added sugar, making them an excellent guilt-free snack option or as a salad topper.

How you'll feel eating clean without added sugars:

⚡ More Sustainable Energy

💪 Improved Digestion

🛡️ Strengthened Immune System

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